Who is eligible for these services?

Any currently registered student who lives 30 miles or more from campus and is enrolled in only online courses can use this service.

How much do these services cost?

Library services are included in the tuition and fees you pay Minneapolis College; there is not a separate charge from Minneapolis College for research or document delivery services. The only fees you may be asked to pay are fees that are occasionally charged to us by our document delivery sources.

If you receive books or other items through document delivery that must be returned to us, you are responsible for postage and insurance if you choose to return them by mail.


Research Assistance

Faculty librarians provide research assistance through our Ask a Librarian service during regular library reference service hours.

Document Delivery Service

You can request books, CDs, DVDs, and articles that support your coursework from Minneapolis College's collection or from other libraries. Books and AV materials are mailed to your home address. Articles are posted to a website, delivered via e-mail, or may be mailed if not available electronically.

Document Delivery

How do I request items through document delivery?

Get started by registering with our circulation department. Please supply your name, address, student ID, and phone number. We need two business days after you sign up to make sure you are registered in the system. If you need to request items immediately after you submit your registration form, please include the following message in your request: "I have just registered for document delivery".

After you register, you can request a book, article or other resource by contacting our circulation department. Please supply as much detail about your request as possible, including: title, author, date of publication, & edition. Be sure to mention that you are a distance student living more than 30 miles from campus and are requesting document delivery services.

Are there any restrictions on what I can request?

We follow standard library fair use guidelines for loaning and reproducing copyrighted works. Occasionally, copyright restrictions may limit our ability to supply an item to you. In that case, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

How long does it take to receive what I request?

If Minneapolis College owns the work, we will have it prepared for delivery within three business days, holiday periods excluded. Shipping time depends on your distance from Minneapolis College. Generally, we estimate that most document deliveries will usually take 5-7 business days. Document delivery service from other libraries varies. Items requested through interlibrary loan can be delivered to Minneapolis College in as little as four days, but may take longer, depending on availability and locations of the lending libraries. We will do our best to communicate estimated delivery times to you.

How do I return materials sent to my home address?

You must return books or AV materials to the Minneapolis College Library in person or by mail. You may wish to insure these materials. You are responsible for the item until it is checked back into the library. Photocopies do not need to be returned.


Email or call the Minneapolis College Library directly at 612-659-6290 or the campus toll-free number, 1-800-627-3529, and ask for the Library.